Rounders ( ir Cluiche corr ) is a ball sport ( racquetball game ) from the British Isles, which is referred in English sources already in 1744 as a baseball ( ). (A Little Pretty Pocket Book). Likewise, it is called Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths 1796 in his collection " games for exercise and relaxation of body and mind ": ball sanctuaries (or The English baseball).

It has an ( almost) square playing field with 4 times, " Bases " that must be circumnavigated. The rules seem to be very similar to the American game. The difference in the plan: On the English Rounders the fourth Laufmal is not identical with the bat. The complete polyline thus results in an open pentagon. ( In Ireland, however, the limitation is square. 's Description in GutsMuths there were so many times how players in a team). In the German sports literature mostly cricket and rounders are regarded as ancestors of baseball. But the differences between these two games for baseball are significantly larger than between rounders and baseball. Today, even American athletes recognize the striking similarity between Rounders and Softball.

Rounders is predominantly children and young people, played especially in schools (in the UK about 2 million ). Only since 1943, is a British umbrella organization, the National Rounders Association. In Ireland, the GAA ( Gaelic Athletic Association) responsible.

In international competitions, there is no evidence. In the UK there are regional leagues (one for Wales), first " matches " ( between England, Wales and the Isle of Man) to be held since 1977. National championships are in the UK for school teams of different age groups in Ireland for adults ( = clubs ). In addition, there are tournaments where both countries as well as club teams participate.


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