RSE is an abbreviation for:

  • RAW Shooter Essentials, a software for editing photos in RAW format
  • Register Stack Engine, a mechanism of the IA -64 to speed up the passing parameters to functions
  • Guidelines for Implementation of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance Road and Rail
  • Riga Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange in Riga, the only stock exchange in Latvia
  • Rhein- Sieg-Eisenbahn - AG, which until 1983 Bröltal existing railway ( narrow gauge railway ) from city of Bonn
  • Rhein- Sieg-Eisenbahn GmbH, a railway company was founded, standard gauge in 1994, also from city of Bonn
  • RSE land and Beteiligungs-GmbH, commercial real estate
  • Ripple control receivers
  • Missile RSE Kriens

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