The SS -13 Savage is an intercontinental ballistic missile from a Russian production. The GRAU index 8K98 is. The index system of the Russian armed forces is RT -2.

The SS -13 was the first intercontinental ballistic missile of the Soviet Union with solid propellant, which gained for the maturity.


In 1961, they started in the design office OKB -1 Korolyov with the system development. The SS -13 was introduced in 1968 in the Russian armed forces. In the following years, 60 missile silos for the SS -13 were built in the region around Yoshkar Ola. The system lifetime for the SS - 13 was estimated at 10 years. Later, the service life was extended to 15 years.

The experiences that were collected with the SS -13, formed the basis for the later ICBM systems SS -16, SS -25 and SS - 27th


The SS -13 is a three-stage solid-propellant rocket. As the fuel, the SS 13 using the PAL-17/7-Treibstoff based on butyl rubber. The control of the SS -13 is effected by means of an inertial navigation platform. It achieves a precision (CEP ) 1500-1900 m ( depending on version).


All 60 SS -13 systems were stationed around the city of Yoshkar -Ola. The RS -12 system was programmed to combat so-called " soft targets " such as cities and population centers in Europe, North America and Asia. As part of the SALT - I- disarmament negotiations, all SS -13 systems has been deactivated and scrapped. The last 8K98 - guided weapon was scrapped in 1995.

Technical data of the SS -13 Savage