RT-2UTTKh Topol-M

The RS- 12M2 ( NATO code: SS -27 Sickle B Mod.1; GRAU index: 15Sch65 ) is a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile from a Russian production. The troops designation of the system is RT- 2PM2.


The Topol M is a development of Topol (RT- 2PM, SS -25 Sickle ). The system was created in response to the U.S. plans to build a missile defense (NMD ). In 1991 they started in the design office Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology ( MITT ) with the system development. The first flight tests took place in 1994. The Topol M was first introduced with two missiles in December 1997 in the Russian armed forces in the Saratov region. The new variant with the mobile launcher has been tested successfully on 24 December 2004 in Plesetsk and introduced in December 2006. First time in 2007 a ​​MIRV -carrying version of the Topol has been tested, which is referred to as RS -24 ( NATO code SS -27 Mod.2 ). Future, this will be produced as a single SS -27 version. The sea-based Bulava SLBM also uses technologies of the Topol -M.


The Topol -M is a three-stage solid-fuel rocket and is produced in the Votkinsk machine factory. The mobile system is housed on the terrain MZKT - 79221 - 16x16 - truck and thus to locate quickly deployable and difficult; a preventive destruction is therefore not reliable. Each vehicle is equipped with a missile.

Compared to the predecessor model are used in the Topol -M modern composite materials are used. Also has the Topol - M via an enlarged, more powerful first stage rocket. Topol -M has such a shortened start-up phase ( engl. boost phase ) and can quickly traverse the lower atmosphere. The missile is equipped with a nuclear MARV warhead with an explosive yield of 550 kT TNT ( possibly 800kt as with the previous version of Topol ). The control is effected by means of an inertial navigation platform and the GLONASS satellite navigation system. With these two systems, an accuracy (CEP ) of less than 350 m should be achievable. The warhead of the Topol -M is to move to a position after the launch of a ballistic in a semi- ballistic trajectory; thus it is missile defense systems very difficult to destroy the missiles.

With the Topol M is intended that all strategic objectives, such as hardened missile silos and underground command bunker, can be combated. U.S. and NATO experts see the Topol as Erstschlagswaffe, with but also a successful second strike could be carried.


  • RS -12M Topol ( SS -25 Sickle ) and mobile Silogestütztes previous system.
  • RS- 12M1 Topol -M1: (SS -27 Sickle B Mod.1 ) Mobile version installed on a MZKT - 79221st
  • RS- 12M2 Topol -M2: (SS -27 Sickle B Mod.1 ) Silogestützte version.
  • RS -24 Jars: (SS -27 Sickle Mod.2 -B) version of the RS- 12M1 with MIRV warhead.


At the end of 2013 had the Russian missile troops silogestützte 60 and 18 mobile Topol -M missiles. The 60 silogestützten systems are deployed in six regiments in Tatischtschewo (Saratov ). The 18 mobile missiles are stationed in four regiments in Teikowo. The two deployment locations Teikowo and Tatischtschewo both belong to the 27th Missile Army with headquarters in Vladimir.

In future, only the MIRV variant RS -24 in silos and be stationed mobile.