Svetly, Saratov Oblast

Svetly (Russian Светлый ) is a "closed" urban-type settlement in the Saratov Oblast (Russia) with 12,493 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The settlement is located about 30 km northwest of Oblastverwaltungszentrums Saratov and the right bank of the Volga away in the eastern part of the Volga heights.

As a closed administrative- territorial formations ( SATO ) Svetly forms the independent city circle Possjolok Svetly, surrounded by the territory of Rajons Tatischtschewski. Its administrative headquarters Tatischtschewo closes almost immediately to the west.


The village was founded in 1964 as a military settlement for the Strategic Missile Forces of the Soviet Army ( Taman missiles Division ) and initially carried the code name Tatischtschewo -5 after the nearby settlement. After 1990, the total secrecy was lifted, and in 1994 the town was an urban-type settlement status and a closed- administrative-territorial structure ( SATO ) under the present name of the Russian word for bright


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  • Yevgeny Mironov (born 1966 ), actor, born in Saratov, but spent his childhood and youth in Tatischtschewo -5


Just south of the village leads the railway line (Moscow - ) Michurinsk - Tambov - Saratov ( breakpoint at kilometer 816 from Moscow, next train station in Tatischtschewo ) over. Pensa is - There is also a national highway (formerly R208 ) that connects Saratov on Atkarsk and Rtischtschewo with Kirsanof in the neighboring Tambov Oblast, where connection to the federal (today ) trunk road R208 runs Tambov.