Marksovsky District

The Marxowski rayon (Russian Марксовский район ) is a raion in Russia's Saratov Oblast. The administrative center is named after Karl Marx Stadt Marx.

  • 2.1 German -speaking minorities
  • 2.2 Religion
  • 3.1 Economics

Geography and Nature

Geographical location

The Marxowski rayon is centrally located in the Saratov Oblast, about 60 kilometers northeast of the city of Saratov on the eastern bank of the Volga.

Neighboring communities


The Rajon bounded on the west by the Volga. In the westernmost part of the Rajons, on the border with Engelsski rajon opens a tributary of the Great Karaman in the Volga.


The Rajon divided adjacent to the township Marx in six rural communities with a total of 57 villages. The largest settlements (as of 2006) within the raion are:

  • Marx 32 791 inhabitants ( administrative center, county-level city )
  • Swonarjowka ( Звонарёвка ) 1475 inhabitants
  • Kalininskoe ( Калининское ) 1100 inhabitants
  • Kamenka ( Каменка ) 1100 inhabitants
  • Kolos ( Колос ) 1390 inhabitants
  • Orlowskoe ( Орловское ) 1450 inhabitants
  • Osinowcki ( Осиновский ) 1280 inhabitants
  • Pawlowka ( Павловка ) 1620 inhabitants
  • Podlesnoje ( Подлесное ) 3850 inhabitants
  • Priwolschskoe ( Приволжское ) 1326 inhabitants
  • Raskatowo ( Раскатово ) 1250 inhabitants


German -speaking minorities

The region of the Rajons Marx is distinguished by the high proportion of German descent. In the Rajon independent cultural region of the Volga Germans was established with seven centers of German culture. In addition there are eight other villages which were founded by the Swiss:

  • Wolkowo ( Волково ) by settlers from Schaffhausen
  • Georgiewka ( Георгиевка ) by settlers from Glarus
  • Worotaewka ( Воротаевка ) by settlers from Bettingen BS
  • Wassiljewka ( Васильевка ) by settlers from Basel
  • Sorkino ( Зоркино ) by settlers from Zurich
  • Mikhailovka ( Михайловка ) by settlers from Lucerne
  • Solotobka ( Золотовка ) by settlers from Solothurn
  • Podlesnoje ( Подлесное ) by settlers from Unterwalden


In the Rajon exist Catholic, Protestant and Russian Orthodox communities and churches and a mosque.

Economy and infrastructure


The main economic activities in the Rajon are food processing and industrial plants. The agriculture focuses on the cultivation of cereals, sunflower and vegetables as well as the cattle. To increase production of Rajon is crossed by a system of irrigation canals. A large part of industrial enterprises engaged in the processing of agricultural products from the Rajon and the surrounding area.

In addition, there is Rajon deposits of petroleum and natural gas.