Rtischtschewo (Russian Ртищево ) is a city in the Russian Saratov Oblast. It has 41 289 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) and is located around 200 km west of the regional capital Saratov. Rtischtschewo is the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons.

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Rtischtschewo was founded in the late 16th century or early 17th century. Already in 1666 a church was mentioned. The place was called up in 1723 after the name of the Church Pokrovsky. According to a decree of Peter the Great, the land was distributed to veterans of the Great Northern War in 1723. Among these veterans was also the new owner of the village with the family name Rtischtschew. According to him, the village received its present name Rtischtschewo.

1868 adopted a Zemstvo committee to build the Tambov Saratov Railway to build a second-class station in Rtischtschewo. 1871, the station was put into operation. The construction of the railway station originated around the town a number of other smaller settlements. Rtischtschewo formed together with these settlements its own administrative district that existed until 1917. Then Rajon Rtischtschewo was created and Rtischtschewo appointed its administrative center. 1920 Rtischtschewo received city rights.


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Economy and infrastructure


Main economic activity of the city are the established railway companies, which account for about three quarters of the jobs in the city. There is also a large meat packing plant.


Rtischtschewo located directly at the train crossing the lines Tambov Saratov and Penza Poworino. The station Rtischtschewo was operated in its history by different railway administrations: