Yoshkar -Ola (Russian and mari Йошкар - Ола, Russian emphasis Йошкар - Ола; until 1919 Zarjowokokschaisk / Царёвококшайск, 1919-1927 Krasnokokschaisk / Краснококшайск ) is the capital of the Republic of Mari El in Russia with 248 782 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).

The city lies on the Volga Creek Small Kokschaga ( Malaya Kokschaga ) and has universities and colleges, theaters, equipment manufacturing, semiconductor and machine industries.

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Yoshkar -Ola was founded in 1584 as a military fortress after the conquest of Mari - territory by Russia. The original name of the settlement was "City of the Tsars at the Kokschaga " (Russian Царёв город на Кокшаге ). The result was the first name of Yoshkar- Ola - Zarjowokokschaisk.

At the beginning of the 18th century came Yoshkar -Ola to Kazan province. In 1897 there were five churches in the town and a hospital.

1919, the city was renamed in Krasnokokschaisk ( " Red City at the Kokschaga " ), since 1927 it bears the native name Yoshkar -Ola ( Mari on " Red City ").


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Long-distance traffic

Yoshkar -Ola is located on the highway " Vyatka " and is therefore directly to the cities of Cheboksary (80 km) and Kirov ( 330 km ) connected. Daily driving the night train " Марий - Эл " in about 15 hours to Moscow ( Kazansky railway station). There is also north of the city an airfield.


In the city, there are three modes of public transport. The first bus line already opened on 21 June 1931. To date the route network was expanded to 13 lines with a total length of 249 km. In the city for the most part buses branded PAS. In a rehabilitation program from 2001 to 2007, 200 new buses were purchased. In addition, 50 leased buses of the "Aurora" in use. Furthermore, the city has a catenary bus with 12 lines and a length of 234 km. The first line went on 5 November 1970 in operation. 85% of passenger transport within the city are managed by the trolleybus. In two buses one trip costs 10 rubles.

In addition to the bus run on 19 lines Marschrutkas in the city. The fare is 12 rubles.

Further education institutions

  • Branch of the Open Social University Moscow
  • Institute of Public Administration and Management at the President of the Republic of Mari El
  • State Technical University of the Republic of Mari El
  • State University of the Republic of Mari El
  • State Pedagogical N. K. Krupskaya - Institute of the Republic of Mari El


  • Hungary Szombathely, Hungary, since 1971
  • France Bourges, France, since 1990
  • United States Princeton, United States, since 2003


In Yoshkar -Ola there are sports facilities for various sports. Among the most important are the two ice rinks, the athletics stadium "Druzhba " and a tennis stadium. There are also the sports complex " Spartak " with some sports fields and halls, two large swimming pools, where competitions are held, and a small with three lanes, which is used for water aerobics. Above all, hockey and football are played in the city, but also athletics, figure skating have many supporters in the city. The football club " Spartak Yoshkar -Ola " plays in the fourth Russian league in the zone Priwolschje and won this even in 1999. However, other ( primarily combat ) sports to be actively pursued, including boxing, wrestling and judo.

The ice rink " Ice Palace"

The Tennis Stadium in Yoshkar -Ola

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