Rue Saint-Jacques (Paris)

The Rue Saint -Jacques in Paris is the southern part of the oldest streets of the city.


It starts at Rue Galande 79 crosses in the 5th arrondissement

  • The Quartier de la Sorbonne (No. 1-161 and 2-184 )
  • The Quartier du Val -de- Grâce (No. 163-307 and 196-350 )

And ends after 1550 meters at the Boulevard de Port -Royal 84

At its northern end it turns into the Rue du Petit Pont, which comes after 60 meters on the Petit -Pont, at its southern end in the Rue du Faubourg Saint -Jacques, and is the old main road to Etampes and Orleans before so it was such replaced 200 meters to the west by the Boulevard Saint -Michel by the urban renewal project of Baron Haussmann middle of the 19th century.

On their 1.5 km to Rue Saint -Jacques crosses mainly

  • Boulevard Saint -Germain
  • The Rue des Écoles
  • Rue Soufflot and
  • Rue Gay -Lussac


The Rue Saint -Jacques is the southern part of the ancient Cardo Lutetia.

She carried the name:

  • Grand'rue du Petit Pont (12th century)
  • Grand'rue Saint -Jacques of Prêcheurs
  • Grand'rue Saint- Étienne of Grés
  • Grand'rue Saint- Benoît Le Bestournet
  • Grand'rue près du chevet de l' Eglise Saint- Séverin
  • Grand'rue oultre Petit Pont ou rue Petit Pont outre
  • Grand'rue vers Saint- Matelin
  • Grand'rue Saint- Benoît, and
  • Grand'rue Saint -Jacques.

The name Saint -Jacques she got after the former convent of Saint-Jacques, which in the 13th century the Dominicans ( Ordo fratrum praedicatorum - Order of Preachers - Ordre des Prêcheurs ) was added, and which are also called Jacobins in France ever since.

The present name the road since 1806. 1974 the square opposite the military hospital in Place Alphonse Laveran was renamed, which was also affected a piece of Rue Saint -Jacques.


  • The parish church Saint- Séverin
  • The Sorbonne (No. 36-56 )
  • The Collège de France in the Place Marcelin Berthelot 11
  • The Lycée Louis- le -Grand ( # 123 )
  • (not more exist ) the Jacobin monastery (No. 156), in whose church ( where nowadays the Rue Cujas is ) some number of members of the royal family was buried.
  • (not more exist ) the traffic on most of the city gate of Paris, the Porte Saint- Jacques ( as in No. 157), and close behind
  • The Rue des Fosses Saint -Jacques as a relic of the ( filled-in ) moat
  • The parish church of Saint -Jacques- du-Haut -Pas (No. 252) and the Coming of St. Jacques- du-Haut -Pas (No. 254)
  • The military hospital and former abbey of Val- de - Grâce (No. 277 )