The Ryom directory ( abbreviation RV) is a list of the works of the composer Antonio Vivaldi. It was published in 1973 by the Danish musicologist Peter Ryom and was able to prevail in the professional world over other directories.


The basis for classification of the works of Antonio Vivaldi is not in the chronology of creation, but in the genus, the occupation and the key in Ryom. In the first 585 detected instrumental works the order is based on three hierarchical levels, identified by letters and numbers.

We start with a main categorization (uppercase) after the occupation:

  • A - Sonatas for an instrument
  • B - sonatas for two instruments
  • C - Sonatas for more than two instruments
  • D - Orchestral works ( without soloists )
  • E - orchestral works, a soloist
  • F - orchestral work, two soloists
  • G - orchestral work, more than two soloists
  • H - works for two orchestras (one or more soloists)

Then, a classification is made by solo instruments (lower case):

  • A - violin
  • B - Viola
  • C - Cello
  • D - Mandolin
  • E - Flute
  • F - Recorder
  • G - sopranino ( Flautino )
  • H - Oboe
  • I - Bassoon
  • J - Trumpet
  • K - Horn
  • L - bagpipes, inter alia,
  • M - Harpsichord
  • N - not used
  • O - various instruments
  • P- s - vocal soloists

The third -order characteristic is the key. Starting with C major (1 ), followed by c- Moll ( 2) C sharp major (3) up to B minor ( 24 ) are assigned numbers.

The Sonata for ( a ) Violin in C major therefore receives the notation Aa1 and carries the directory number 1 ( Violin Sonata in C major RV 1, Op 2 No 6; Fanna XIII/34 ). The concert in due cori for Double String Orchestra, 4 flutes and 4 violins in A major given the notation Ho19 and ends with the directory number RV 585 from the collection of instrumental works.

The vocal pieces (RV 586 to RV 740), a division into sacred and ( more likely ) are secular works.

Originally handed the Ryom directory to RV 740 by new discoveries and Neuidentifizierungen increased in the years after the first appearance of the number of works that are attributed to Vivaldi. These works will be numbered from RV 741 and no longer follow the criteria described above.

The collection and cataloging of the works of Antonio Vivaldi is to this day not complete since the authorship often not secured or is difficult to check. The work directory must therefore be revised and changed again and again.


The following table shows the rough outline of the Ryom directory:

  • 586-622: Sacred vocal works on liturgical texts
  • 593-608: Psalms
  • 609-622: Magnificat, hymns, sequences
  • 623-648: Sacred vocal works on non- liturgical texts, including Nulla in mundo pax sincera
  • 623-634: Motets
  • 635-642: Introduzioni
  • 623-648: Oratorio
  • 649-687: Secular Cantatas
  • 688-694: Serenades and other large secular vocal works
  • 695-740: Operas
  • 741-791: Supplements Part 1
  • 792-812: Supplements Part 2