S-Lang (programming library)

S-Lang (also: Slang) is a platform independent scripting language by John E. Davis. It is used by platform-independent console programs.

S-Lang is composed of an interpreter and an operating system independent program library that Ein-/Ausgabefunktionen, screen management routines etc. for this purpose. The interpreter itself is also a library function and thus can be easily embedded in an application program.

The language syntax is strongly geared to the C programming language provides over C extensions for error handling and strings, associative arrays and regular expressions. Although variables must be declared, but they can accept any data type.

Applications that use the S-Lang

  • The text editor jed
  • The e -mail program mutt
  • The Midnight Commander file manager
  • The newsreader slrn
  • The console browser lynx
  • The DOS emulator dosemu (for Linux)
  • The analysis software ISIS