S3M (file format)

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S3M is the native format of the trackers Scream Tracker 3 This was programmed in 1994 by the Future Crew and owns the eponymous file extension. S3M. It is the successor format of STM, the format of earlier versions of Scream Tracker. In contrast to STM S3M allows for more tracks ( 4 → 32), more instruments (31 → 99) and more effects. Both formats are based on the popular MOD format. The original program was released for the PC platform with MS- DOS, but now exist for virtually all platforms Tracker (eg OpenMPT ) to create as well as software to play the S3M format.


S3M was in the PC demoscene extremely popular and correspondingly widespread, and influenced the following formats (IT, XM, etc.) with. Due to its technical limitations, but today it plays no significant role anymore, except for applications that run on very limited hardware such as mobile devices. Today's formats, such as XRNS, let the musicians more freedom, as they and their programs can access incomparably greater system resources. Scream Tracker 3 set only requires a 80386SX along with VGA graphics card and sound card, of course.

Despite the age of the format has still the potential to reproduce and store extremely high-quality music. So lay before large parts of the music of the commercial and widely used first-person shooter Unreal and Unreal Tournament in S3M format.


  • JavaMod a MOD, S3M, STM and XM player in Java
  • Winamp is a widely broadened media player for Windows
  • XTC play a MOD, S3M, XM, ... player for MS- DOS (runs in DOSBox )
  • Fennec, media player for PSM ( Protracker Studio Module ), S3M ( Scream Tracker 3), UMX, ect ...
  • VLC media player http://www.videolan.org