Sagliains (Rhaetian Railway station)

Sagliains is one of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) station on the territory of the municipality Susch in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It is located in the Lower Engadine at 1432 m altitude at the output of the eponymous and almost untouched side valley Val Sagliains. The train station is right at the southern portal of the Vereinatunnel and links the Vereina of Klosters with the Engadine line Samedan - Scuol- Scuol. It was created in connection with the Vereinatunnel and went in November 1999.

In Sagliains station is next to the car loading for transport by the Vereinatunnel to and from Selfranga also a platform which serves to switch from rail travelers coming from Samedan towards the monastery and vice versa. Curiously, this platform is not connected within walking distance to public access to the outside world since the Sagliains Station served no settlement.

Pictures of Sagliains (Rhaetian Railway station)