Salmon River (Fraser River)


The Salmon River (English for "Salmon River ") is a right tributary of the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The Salmon River has its origin in the Salmon Lake in the far west of the Fraser -Fort George Regional District at an altitude of 914 m. It flows mainly in a southerly direction through the Nechako Plateau. He takes on the Great Beaver Creek, the outflow of the Great Beaver Lake, from the right. Subsequently, the Salmon River turns to the southeast. The Muskeg River meets the left side of the Salmon River. It flows west past Summit Lake and flows 20 km northeast of Prince George in the Fraser River. The Salmon River has a length of about 200 km. It drains an area of ​​4230 km ². At the level 08KC001 ( ⊙ 54.096111111111-122.67805555556 ) near the mouth of the mean discharge 29 m³ / s