Salomon Wininger

Salomon Wininger (born 13 December 1877 in Gurahumora, Bukovina, † November 23, 1968 in Ramat Gan, also Shlomo or Solomon Winninger ) was an Austrian- Israeli lexicographer, who with his Great Jewish National Biography, the most comprehensive bio-bibliographical people - reference to Judaism ever put together.


Salomon Wininger was from 1910 until the time of World War I worked as a postal clerk in Czernowitz. During World War II he lived in Vienna and then returned to Czernowitz. From 1907 he devoted himself next to his work on the "Great Jewish National Biography ". That he also compiled biographical encyclopedia " Sefer Ishim Zionim " (Book of Zionist men) with 17,000 entries was never released. The manuscript is in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem. He founded numerous charitable associations and soup kitchens, as well as the Bukovina Pensioners Association for State officials.

Wininger survived the time of the Holocaust in Czernowitz in 1951 and emigrated to Israel, where he was initially established in Jerusalem. From 1955 he lived in a retirement home in Netanya, later in Ramat- Gan.

Great Jewish National Biography

The Great Jewish National Biography ... in seven volumes ( Cernăuţi 1925-1936 ) is the work of an individual, tirelessly active man. Wininger began work on it in 1907. He called it the attempt of creating a " Monumentum Judaici nominis, a monument of the Jewish name and people, his mind and his work ". It contains about 13,000 more or less detailed " biographies of well-known Jewish men and women of all ages and countries ," in which baptized Jews are included. It's been one of the most comprehensive - if not the most complete - plant of its kind The reference book contains a multiple of the material compared to Adolph Kohut (1848-1917) compilation " Famous Israelite men and women in the cultural history of mankind. Life and character images from past and present. " (2 volumes, Leipzig 1900/ 01), which often inaccurate and incorrect, moreover, as Wininger compilation.

From its basic conditioning and motivation ago apologetic and naturally in some details not free from errors, Wininger 's " National Biography " generally very reliable and an immense collection of material that would otherwise preserved lost knowledge of Jewish culture and political history in many parts of.

Wininger was working, albeit late, largely promoted by Carl Steininger scale from 1914 collection of about 1 million excerpts from several hundred different newspapers and magazines " in most living languages ​​" at home and abroad. The non - Jew Steininger (authorized representative of the Dresdner Bank, born 1876 in Salzburg) was exclusively material collected on Jewish personalities and themes ..

Funding for the printing of the final for years, but unpublished work presented Jakob Fall tree (b. 1889 in Czernowitz ), a " factory owners to Chemnitz in Saxony", available. Volumes 1-5 were prepared in Czernowitz from the print shop "Orient", the volumes 6 and 7 of the print " Tipografia ARTA (F. Weiner -Ernst ).

Volume 1: " Abarbanel - Ezobi " ( richtig.: Czernowitz ). 1925, 638 pp. Volume 2: " Dafiera - Harden ". 1927, 635 pp. Volume 3: " HaRishon - Lazarus ". 1928, 639 pp. Volume 4: " Leavith - Pereire ". 1930, 637 pp. Volume 5: " Pereira - Stone House". 1931, 637 pp. Volume 6: "Stone Home - branch ". - Addendum: " Abarbarnel - Van Geldern ". 1932, 639 pp. Volume 7: Addendum 1: " Ge - Final ". - Supplement 2: " A - Z". - Appendix. 1936, 667 pp.

From the Preface

In the preface ( Czernowitz 1925) writes Wininger include: