San Pablo Bay

The bay of San Pablo (English: San Pablo Bay) is a bay in the U.S. state of California. It covers about 240 square kilometers and is approximately equal to the towns of San Pablo, after which it is named, and San Rafael south in the bay of San Francisco on where the sea tributary of the Pacific over the Golden Gate takes place. To the east it is connected via the Carquinez Strait to the Suisun Bay, where among other things, the Sacramento River, California's longest river flows.

The strong marine influences care in the region for a relatively equable climate with mild winter months, when migratory birds find refuge in the bays of San Pablo and San Francisco. Non- urbanized areas along the Gulf are dominated by saline swamps and marshy soils. Many endangered species have retreated to the bay of San Pablo.

Large parts of the north shore of the bay are protected. On the coasts there are sporadically beaches, as well as smaller anchorages for boats.