Sandra Graf

Sandra Graf (born 9 December 1969) is a Swiss track and field athlete of the discipline wheelchair racing and multiple participant in the Paralympic Summer Games.


Graf's sporting activities, she drove ski race began in her childhood. As a teenager she was a member of the Turnverein depths. Here she devoted herself to athletics, denied Grossfeld gymnastics competitions and gave swimming lessons. Also in the Turnverein depths she met her future husband. In 1991 there was a sudden break in Graf's life. In the gymnastics of the rings she fell on her back on the floor, broke the spine between the eleventh and twelfth thoracic vertebra and suffered a bruise the spinal cord. After her accident, Graf was brought immediately to the Kantonsspital St. Gallen and operated. The next day, their relocation was carried out in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre Nottwil. During rehabilitation, she began to engage in sports again and took a mono-ski course. However, a special attraction exercised the Athletics on them, so that Count began in wheelchair racing about a year after her accident with the training. In 1995, she first took part in an international marathon.

After the birth of her second daughter in 1997, she intensified her training at the Paralympic Games to participate. Graf represented Switzerland finally Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012. There she won the bronze medal in the marathon and in the individual time trial in cycling gold medal.

Earl is married and has two daughters and lives in Gais.


  • Berlin Marathon: 1st place
  • Summer Paralympics in Sydney: 5th place in the marathon
  • European Championships: European silver medalist in the marathon
  • Boston Marathon: 3rd place
  • Oita Marathon: 3rd place
  • World Championships in Lille: 3rd place in the Marathon
  • 3rd place in 5000 m
  • 2nd place in 1500 m
  • Boston Marathon: 3rd place
  • New York Marathon: 2nd place
  • Summer Paralympics in Athens: 5th Place in Marathon
  • 6th place in 5000 m
  • 10th place in 1500 m
  • Berlin Marathon: 2nd place
  • New York Marathon: 6th place
  • Oensingen Marathon: 2nd place
  • European Championships in Brussels: 2nd place in 800 m
  • 2nd place in 1500 m
  • 2nd place in 5000 m
  • 2nd place in the Marathon
  • Schenkon Marathon: 2nd place
  • New York Marathon: 5th place
  • 2nd place in the Marathon
  • Boston Marathon: 3rd place
  • Swiss champion in the 400/800/1500/5000 m
  • International Marathon Oensingen: 2nd place
  • World Championships in Osaka: 9th place
  • IWAS World Games: 5th place in 400m
  • 3rd place in 800 m
  • 2nd place in 1500 m
  • Schenkon Marathon: 2nd place
  • Padua Marathon: 1st place (world record with 1:35:63 h)
  • London Marathon: 1st place
  • Lisbon Half Marathon: 1st place with 50:11 minutes ( world record)
  • Paralympic Summer Games in Beijing: 3rd place in the Marathon
  • 6th place in 1500 m
  • 5th place in 5000 m
  • London Marathon: 2nd place
  • Oensingen Marathon: 1st place
  • Berlin Marathon: 1st place ( course record with 1:39:31 h)
  • Paris Marathon: 1st place
  • London Marathon: 2nd place
  • Swiss Championships: 1st place in 400 m
  • 1st place in 800 m
  • 1st place in 5000 m
  • 2nd place in 1500 m
  • 2nd place in the individual time trial
  • London Marathon:
  • Paralympic Games in London: Marathon Bronze
  • Paralympic Games in London: hand bike time trial gold