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Sandwip is an island in the eastern part of Bangladesh and is located in the delta of the Meghna in the Bay of Bengal. Which belongs to the province of Chittagong island is separated by the Sandwip channel of the port city of Chittagong. On the 26 km long and up to 10 km wide island of about 472,000 people. Residents can Sanwipes on a 3,000 -year-long history dating back to the residents could maintain its independence.

In the 17th century was the island stronghold of Portuguese pirates and arakanesischer. Today Sandwip belongs to Bangladesh and is one of the poorer regions of the country with also higher illiteracy rate.

The island is administratively divided into 15 districts:

  • Azimpur
  • Bauria
  • Haramia
  • Horishpur
  • Kalapania
  • Maitbhanga
  • Mogdhara
  • Musapur
  • Santoshpur
  • Gachua
  • Amanullah
  • Rahmatpur
  • Sharikiat
  • Deergha Par


The island was largely composed of sedimentary deposits of the Meghnas. The nutrient-rich sedimentary soil allows the cultivation, inter alia, of dates, rice, mangoes, melons and coconuts.

Apart from agriculture, the living inhabitants of the island from the shipbuilding and sale of salt. Remittances from emigrant population Sandwips from the United States and the UAE allowed the construction of housing and investment in health.