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Saubach is a district of the municipality Finneland in Burgenland district, in Saxony -Anhalt.


Saubach located between Weimar and Halle ( Saale) at 209 meters above sea level. NN, between Kahlwinkel and Bad Bibra in a rural environment.


The creation and the origin of the place are not known. The documentary mentioned in the " Ingelheimer protocol " of the kingdom of Fulda Monastery on May 18, 876 Suaba is the place Saubach be, but due to lack of other documentary evidence from this and the subsequent time must be doubted.

In a charter of King Otto III, the Monastery Memleben tenth subject Sobechi is called in the frieze Field on October 4, 991. But it is not Saubach, but rather Seebach (in today's Unstrut Hainich ) to accept because Saubach not in the frieze field.

( The later mentioned in historical documents Subach in the years 1231 and 1233, in conjunction with Theodericus de Subach is controversial because may also write or read errors as safest assignment will take Subach -. Sebach as in the corresponding period a Dietrich read from Seebach ( dither of Subach, Theodericus de Sebeche ) is found frequently in documents of the Thuringian Landgrave. the noble family von Seebach Seebach sat at the castle at the same place Seebach in today Unstrut Hainich. )

The first unique message to the site come from feudal charters of the families of joke life and Koller from the years 1449 ( Subach ), 1486 ( Zaubach ) and 1501 ( Sawbach ), as an accessory of the castle stone castle and the Wendelstein. Owner of the land in which Saubach lay, were the Counts of Rabenswalde, the Counts of Orlamünde and the Lords of cross- ford and the Elector of Saxony. More Lehnsnehmer were those of Selmnitz and the Munchausen.

The town lies on both sides of the Saubachs. The northern district - the " office share " (also - called " Nicolai church" - after the church ) - belonged to the Official Wendelstein of the Principality of Saxe- cross- ford, the southern district - the " court of proportion " (also - after the church - " Jacobi church" or called a "home church" ) - to schriftsässigen manor stone castle in the Saxon Office Eckartsberga. The Barbican in place belonged to the manor Steinburg.

It was only on October 1, 1936, the municipalities Saubach office share and Saubach were merged court proportion. On 1 July 2009 Saubach was incorporated into the new municipality Finneland. The last mayor was Monika Ludwig.


Directly through the village runs the federal highway 176 which leads from Sömmerda to Bad Bibra.

Saubach is located on the disused running track Lauchagrund - Kölleda. Get the railway tracks and the train station. Between Saubach and Bad Bibra is the Saubach Viaduct of the new railway route Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle over the Saubach.


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