SCA is an abbreviation for:

  • Scientific Computing Associates Corporation
  • Service Component Architecture, a collection of specifications for Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA) in IT
  • Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a modified jumbo jet to transport the Space Shuttle
  • Single-channel analyzer, a device for the selection of pulse amplitudes
  • Single Connector Attachment, a special SCSI connection between HDD and backplane
  • Founded Ski Club Arlberg, Austria's first ski club and one of the oldest in the world in 1901
  • Société en commandite par actions, the French equivalent of the German partnership limited by shares ( KGaA)
  • Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., the Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Society of crystallographers in Australia
  • Software Communications Architecture, an open architecture that governs the interaction of hardware and software
  • Sony Corporation of America, a company for consumer electronics
  • Special Camera Adaption, an adapter system for flash units
  • Special Committee on Agriculture, the preparatory body of the Agriculture Council of the European Union
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia, a disorder of neural pathways that are responsible for the balance
  • SSL Server Certification Authority
  • Stabilimento di Costruzioni Aeronautiche, the Italian state air Shipyard, known by Umberto Nobile
  • StarComa, a well-known German e-sports communities
  • Stem Cell Antigen
  • Student Conservation Association
  • Suez Canal Authority, Egyptian National Authority for the administration of the Suez Canal
  • Superior cerebellar artery, common international abbreviation of the superior cerebellar artery
  • Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities Service
  • Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa, a court in South Africa
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage, sustainable competitive advantage
  • Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, an international paper company based in Sweden
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