Scrambler (motorcycle)

The scrambler [ skræmblə ʳ ] (of English "to scramble " about: . Onto or climb ) is a in the 1950s and - 60s very common motorcycle category. In the machines among other deep-treaded tires, higher mounted exhaust and fenders were used to increase the off-road capability and ruggedness. Unlike the motocross bikes and Enduros, which replaced the scrambler in the 1970s, these were the street machine design or pretty close and not possessed, for example, through special frame. The motocross sport in general was initially referred to as " scrambling ".

Currently, the scrambler concept has been rediscovered by some motorcycle manufacturers, so offer eg Triumph, Derbi, BMW and Moto Morini to appropriate models.


" Scrambler are virtually the ancestors of the Enduros. At that time, such as the middle of the last century of the last millennium scrambelte ( engl. to scramble: climbing, crawling ) man with slightly modified street motorcycles through 's premises. The competitions usually included a mixture of slow and fast off-road situations that had with today's motocross events nothing to do with their extreme jumps. At least as much fun but also made ​​sure SixDays and Co.. In the 60s you could already Scrambler buy "off the shelf ", with the appearance of the more specialized bikes they died but then out. "


Classic Scrambler Triumph Scrambler (2006)

Modern Scrambler: Derbi Mulhacen 659 (2006)

Modern Scrambler: BMW G 650 Xcountry (2006)