Enduro motorcycle

As Enduro ( from the Spanish duro = hard, English: endurance = stamina ), generally known in the German -road motorcycle or Gatschhupfer (local name in Austria ) is an all-terrain ( grobstolliges tire tread, long spring travel ) motorcycle street legal and the necessary safety devices referred.

The seating position is upright with comfortable knee angle, motorcyclists have problems with the safe stand with short stature due to the high seating position with long spring. The Enduro has a similar suspension geometry as motocross bike, but is more on long distance or endurance of the designed performance characteristics fro as on speed and short-term high performance.


Originally, the first enduro caused by simple modifications of road motorcycles. A limited off-road capability was achieved through a raised exhaust system and more profiled tires. In English-speaking countries such modifications were known as Scrambler.

The 1975 introduced Yamaha XT 500 Enduro has embraced the concept of a wider public, particularly as it this is the first large-scale machine was also on the side cover until 1977. The success in the first two editions of the Paris-Dakar rally also boosted sales.

Because of the competition in the Enduro and Motocross related in the machines were always specific to the requirements of even the toughest terrain ( Steilauf and descents, river crossings and mud ) adjusted. In addition to the specially adapted to the sporting competition motorcycles (eg Husaberg FE570, KTM 525 EXC Racing, Husqvarna TE 510, Gas Gas EC 300, Sherco SE -R 300) caused by the motorcycle manufacturers further offshoot of enduro machines, the more or less rides are suitable for the terrain.

The reporting vehicles bikes are also used for military purposes. A diesel-powered enduro is offered based on the Kawasaki KLR 650.

Types of bikes

Sport Enduro / Hard Enduro

Sport bikes or Hard Enduros are broadly competition motorcycles and are usually adjusted by slight changes to an everyday use ( lighting system, chassis ). Examples are eg Yamaha WR, KTM EXC, Husqvarna WR, Sherco SE -R and Honda CRE. Very few models known as Hard Enduro fully comply with the Highway Code. Original propagator of the concept of Hard Enduro KTM was the company that coined this term in 1995 for your sporting LC4 series.

Hiking Enduro

Hiking trail bikes are lightweight and sporty bikes, but which are less aggressive and therefore not specifically designed for competitions in direct comparison to Hard Enduro. This means, for example, was a stronger engine with less power, longer service intervals, a less sharp and thus easier to handle engine characteristics and partly a road license for two persons with reinforced rear frame, which therefore is also well suited for transporting luggage. Prime examples of this are the Suzuki DR 350 and the current Beta Alp 4.0, which is also the engine of DR used 350. Hiking trail bikes cover a very broad range of applications to which they can be converted in each case with minor modifications. Equipped with larger tanks for remote desert travel or rally on the Enduro sport or the daily commute to the World Tour everything is possible. Hiking trail bikes are more or less the light fraction of the all-round trail bikes or even better fits the American classification " dual sport ".


Freerides are a mix between Enduro and Trial. The machines are therefore usually supplied by the manufacturers with trial tires. Models are the Sherco X Ride, AJP PR4 / 5, Beta Alp 2.0, KTM Freeride, Ossa Explorer or Scorpa T-Ride. The application is primarily for rough terrain without competition and ambitions for small riders or women who are looking for as simply as possible dominant Enduro.

Allround Enduro

In an all-round enduro, the focus is on the versatile usability. These models are suitable for use both on and off the road. Modifications such as the registered full engine power (and thus the full street legal ), Porters systems, two-person admission, with mixed tires ( Pirelli MT21 for example, Michelin T63 ). The first round was the Enduro Yamaha XT 500, today's models are such as the Yamaha WR 250 R, Yamaha XT 660 Z Ténéré, Suzuki DR 650, Honda XR 400 Kawasaki KLR 600/650 KTM LC4 series and Husqvarna TE630.

Suzuki DR 650

Rally Enduros

Rally bikes are race bikes, specifically for rally-raid endurance rallies (eg Paris-Dakar Rally, Baja 1000) were developed. They have a large tank volume is matched to the higher weight and reinforced chassis, windshield and GPS navigation system.


Enduros are designed for longer distances machines, mostly with a larger tank, less travel, longer, freeway -grade gear ratios, mounting possibilities for luggage, windshield, etc. This will also drive increased weight. Many offered enduros are only limited off-road capabilities, as more emphasis was placed on comfort and road behavior. This meets the trend has been taken that road bikes are mainly used on roads and only in rare cases on unpaved roads. The BMW R 80 G / S in 1980 was the first enduro. Representative of this category are also, for example, KTM 990 Adventure, Yamaha XTZ 750 Super Ténéré, Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin, Honda Transalp, Honda NX 650 Dominator, Honda Varadero 125 and Honda XL 1000 V Varadero, BMW GS, Suzuki XF 650 Freewind, Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom, Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom or the Triumph Tiger Explorer, as well as the Aprilia Pegaso 650

BMW R 1200 GS