Suzuki DR 350

The Suzuki DR 350 was a very successful Enduro manufacturer Suzuki. This model was built from 1990 to 1999, it has been revised several times in the course of its product life.


Crucial to the success of the DR 350 were from the beginning to the very durable engine, very low operating weight of under 130 kg ( fully fueled ), the agile chassis and the favorable price.

The model 's history began in 1990 with the DR 350 S. 1992/1993 came with the SH model a hydraulic seat height adjustment (SHC - Seat Height Control) added. This could be reduced to 840 mm by hand wheel on the handlebar, the seat height of 890. In addition there was also quality spring elements in the form of an upside-down fork. 1994 replaced with the Suzuki DR 350 SE successful DR 350 S / SH against a model with electric starter. However, this also increased the empty weight noticeably. The DR now weighed, as their competitors, over 130 kg, and was thus less interesting for the sporty off-road use. In addition, we felt compelled for reasons of cost to the DR again equipped with a conventional telescopic fork.

Nevertheless, the DR 350 is whether their simplicity and versatility popular and is considered by some to be the all-round enduro par excellence. Popular was the DR especially in many globetrotters who have the DR equipped with a large tank driven by all deserts of the world.

In the U.S., Suzuki sold with the models P, R and N special sports versions with 33 Mikuni flat slide carburettor, open exhaust system and better spring elements, plastic tank and special cross - rims. The result was an even lighter bike ( about 110 kg) with even more power (up to 34 hp ), which, however, never officially reached the European market due to restrictive environmental and noise emission requirements.


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