Suzuki RE 5

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The Suzuki RE 5 is a heavy motorcycle of the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki.

The name is derived as follows: RE = rotary engine Wankel engine =, 5 = chamber volume 500 cm3.


It is powered by a single-rotor Wankel engine with 498 cm3 chamber volume. The engine delivers 45.6 kW ( 62 hp ) at 6500 min -1 and a peak torque of 74.5 Nm at 3500 min -1.

It was presented in 1973 at the Tokyo Motor Show. As of 1975, the RE 5 was then produced for three years. Officially were only 50 pieces of Suzuki RE 5 imported to Germany. Even if you count the number of non officially imported RE 5, were less than 100 models to Germany. The majority of the production went to the U.S.. In Germany, three specimens of this type are not permitted; another copy will be shown as part of the permanent exhibition " Wankel engine " at the Museum car vision.

A distinction is the model RE 5 M ( model year 1975) and RE 5 A ( model year 1976). Only the RE 5 M of the model year 1975 in the original version has some very typical and unique design features: Both the housing and the cockpit instruments, as well as the tail light in the form of a horizontal cylinder. The turn signals are spherical.

The model RE 5 A then had the conventional instruments and lights of the Suzuki GT 750 " Water Buffalo ". The engine now delivers 46.1 kW ( 62.8 hp) at 6500 min -1 and a peak torque of 75.5 Nm at 3500 min -1. The ignition was carried out as capacitor ignition system with two switches, which ensured a smooth running engine. In the partial load range and coasting a contact lit every second chamber. At full load, the second contact, controlled by engine speed and intake pressure, connected and thus ignited each chamber was.

In 1976, RE 5 was the most expensive Suzuki motorcycle and was inclusive of 11% VAT for 8,890 DM offered, or about 11,000 euros today. The high price, poor handling due to the high center of gravity (weight 260 kg ) and last but not least the reservations at the motorcyclists in Germany compared to the Wankel engine ensured that the RE 5 in Germany always remained an exotic car. Therefore, spare parts are hard to get.