Suzuki RV 125 VanVan

The Suzuki RV models are a series of scramblers of the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki.

The term " RV" stands for " Recreation Vehicle " which can be freely translated as " fun car ". The particular strength of an RV is driving on sand, when the air pressure in the tires downward slightly. For this reason the RV is also referred to as a " beach bike ". There were initially three models: RV50 ( Mokick than one-and two -seater ) and the motorcycles RV90 (also called Rover ) (also called tracker) and RV125.


It began in 1971 with the RV90, followed by the 50s (1972 - 1982) and the 125 ( in Germany from 1974 - 1981). The Suzuki RV125 had an air-cooled single-cylinder two -stroke engine with 123 cc and a power of 9.8 hp ( 7.3 kW) at 6000 rpm.

Meanwhile, the RV50 with 6.5 hp motor ( ³ at 72 cm displacement) was built and then called RV75. For the RV90 it was for Germany a conversion kit, which made ​​her the 80s and hence was called RV80 and could be approved as a light motorcycle.

Interestingly, the engine concept: How still common in Grand Prix racing the outgoing two-stroke class, the motor is controlled by means of rotary valve. The carburetor is mounted directly on the crankcase and the cylinder supplied by membrane with fresh gas.

A rarity is a sidecar version that was made ​​by a French company in tuner 50 copies.

Original colors of RV90 were - White with red racing stripes - Blue - blue with white mudguards - Red ( rare) - yellow with white fenders. The old models are now collectors' cars; the owners have joined forces in RV clubs.

New edition

Since 2002, a remake with the RV125 and RV200 VANVAN VANVAN, but both structurally and visually differ significantly from the former RV series exists. The "new" RV125 is now of an air-cooled single-cylinder four -stroke engine ( SOHC) driven, which developed from 125 cc an output of 12 hp ( 8.9 kW) at 9500 rpm. The additional designation VANVAN existed partly for the old models.

Also, further developments are to buy from the Far East, for example, the T -Rex 50 and T-Rex 125 and the 160 cc variant of the Chinese company Sky Team.