Suzuki TU250

The Suzuki TU 250 X ( Volty ) is the successor of Suzuki GN 250 The engine remained largely unchanged, there were modifications to other components. From the appearance and the impression can we correctly TU 250 call " retro motorcycle ." The TU 250 X ( Volty ) was offered in the German-speaking area around the turn of the millennium, but not sold in large numbers.


The dry weight is 125 kg and the ground clearance of 160 mm. The mounted carburetor is a Mikuni BS34.


The engine of the Suzuki TU 250 X ( Volty ) is identical with that of the Suzuki GN 250 and the Suzuki GZ 250 ( Marauder ). When TU 250 X there is no standard tachometer, the connecting piece is in place, however, the factory shed, so you can not screw the tachometer shaft. It is a single cylinder engine with overhead camshafts, and four valves. In the manual motor oil of API classification SF or SG with the viscosity SAE 10W40 is headed. The lubrication works with wet sump. The engine oil also lubricates the transmission, therefore, one should also compliance with the standard " JASO MA " eighth. In practice, usually mineral or semi-synthetic motor oil is used. There are no problems if you use better engine oil as API SF, this classification is " outdated ". The oil change interval 5000 km or five months are given. The compression pressure in the pressure check of the engine is in the range of 10 to 14 bar (kPa ) in the normal range and below 8 bar ( kPa) an engine overhaul is due.

Standard is an electric starter available (no kick start ). The starter motor is powered from the 12 volt 11Ah battery strong.

The transmission has five gears.


Front and rear wire spoke wheels are mounted.

The front rim is labeled " TAKASAGO J 18 x 1.85 JAPAN DOT " with hose and a tire dimension 3.00-18 ( 47S ), rear " TAKASAGO J 17 x MT2.50 DOT JAPAN " with hose and a tire dimension 120 / 80-17 ( 61S )

Front is delayed with a perforated disc with Einkolbenzange and rear with a (simplex ) drum brake. At spring travel front 120 mm and rear are 110 mm.

Country Codes

E-02 United Kingdom, France E-04, E -15, Finland, Norway E-16, E -17 Sweden, Switzerland E-18, E -21 Belgium, Germany E -22, E -24 Australia, E -25, The Netherlands, E -28 Canada, E -34 Italy, Austria and E39 e -53 Spain