Suzuki TL1000S

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The TL 1000 is a motorcycle category athletes ( S) and Superbike (R ) by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki.

TL 1000 S


The TL 1000 S 1997 came on the market. Previously there was little Japanese two-cylinder V- engines. With an engine output of 125 hp and a torque of 104 Nm, the TL reached a top speed of over 250 km / h The bike accelerates in 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h

The TL 1000 S is based on a novel design. The fuel injection system of the two cylinders of the V engine was the first time electronically. The vehicle frame consisted of a tubular structure made of aluminum. The rounded, organic subscribed half shell covert little drive and chassis technology. The suspension on the rear fork was a newly developed rotary vane damper with separate suspension.


Shortly after her debut 1000 S were criticized unusually large number of technical defects in the TL. As a sports -Twin marketed and tested on the race track by the journalists, was suffering the rear suspension on the great heat that radiated from the nearby bend of the rear cylinder. The heat lost to the damper effect, which had an impact on the driving behavior.

The weight distribution of the TL 1000 S was also unfavorable rear- heavy. Due to the high acceleration power of the V-2 engine, the front wheel was quickly and easily with appropriately wavy road surface of the handlebar hit sometimes wildly from one end to the other ( " kickback" ). The rest is probably here the selected Metzeler ME Z1 have done original equipment in special identifier that is very wide and unwieldy in the dimension 190 fell on the rear and front struck with poor internal damping.

Through a coordinated unclean injection occurred especially at low speeds, sometimes strong, constant motion judder and on top of that by too rich mixture to a dilution of the oil with unburned gasoline. The turn adversely on the clutch, which was lubricated in the same oil bath as the engine and so was prone to slipping. This was reinforced by an initially weak sized clutch assembly.

Furthermore, there were occasional cracks in some tanks, leading in rare cases to leaking gasoline. Due to the strong criticism of the Suzuki motorcycle tried several times to fix the shortcomings of the TL 1000 S by recalls. Already been delivered vehicles got a steering damper retrofitted from 1998 was this series. The tank was replaced with a new one free of charge and provided with two additional supports in the area of ​​the frame. Newer models were optimized engine control units, which avoids the problems with oil dilution and following clutch slippage and continue existing choke made ​​superfluous. The clutch there was from 1998 still in a reinforced version for TL 1000 - new vehicles. The paddle steamer was unchanged, but he was to bring on the road hardly to its limits.

The TL 1000 S 1997 was the motorcycle with the most, namely six, recall campaigns of all time. The public reputation was then finally ruined and the production of the TL 1000 S was ( 1997-2000 ) set after only four years.

TL 1000 R

1998 Suzuki complemented the road version TL 1000 S Superbike with the TL 1000 R, which was optimized for use on race tracks. The Superbike had in common with the S version only the motor and damping concept. With a modified frame and a rear swingarm with joist, 6 - piston calipers in front, a revised engine, now with 135 horsepower, two injectors per cylinder, forged pistons, titanium connecting rods, a reinforced clutch, full fairing and an adjustable steering head angle she was clearly on a racetrack designed. However, the TL- R suffered from the same problem as the damping sister TL -S.

After the debacle with the TL 1000 S in the press and the TL 1000 R has been sold at the shop keeper and in Germany only two years.

Meanwhile, the TL 1000 has achieved a cult status in Germany. The prices for used TL rise (especially for the R).

More information

The successor of the TL 1000 S, Suzuki SV 1000 S, again with conventional landing gear and by stricter emission regulations impaired motor performance and characteristics, is now also in Germany no longer with Suzuki in the program. The engine, however, is modified concept justice, still to be found in the Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom and the Bimota SB8K. The power delivery and, above all, the sound brought the TL 1000 worldwide a large following.

According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Office 1000 S 3287 pieces and of the TL were on 1 January 2005 by the TL 1000 R registered 667 pieces in Germany. 2005 ranked the TL 1000 in the USA # 3 on the most stolen motorcycles. On April 1, 2008 or 2482 TL -S and TL- R 463 were logged.