Suzuki GN Series

The Suzuki GN 250 is a motorcycle ( softchopper ), which was built in the period 1982-1999 by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki. Similar models were prepared as 125 and 400. The motorcycle is equipped with a Mikuni carburetor. The engine has four valves, the two intake and exhaust valves. At the front is slowed down by the disc brake and the rear wheel by drum brake. On most models spoke wheels are found, a few types are also equipped with cast wheels.



The built- in GN 250 engine comes from the dirt bike Suzuki DR 250 and is also used in the Suzuki GZ 250 ( Marauder ) and the Suzuki TU 250 X ( Volty ). The engine, however, was modified in some points. In the DR 250 he has a Kickstarter, a senior electrical and ignition. The later engines from the GN 250 have ( only ) an electric starter, a modern three-phase 12V alternator and a more modern ignition system.

It is a single cylinder engine with overhead camshaft and four valves. In the manual motor oil of API classification SE or SF is named with the viscosity SAE 10W40. The engine oil also takes on the task of lubrication of the transmission, you should also pay attention to the observance of the standards " JASO MA ". In practice, usually mineral or semi-synthetic motor oil is used. There are no problems if you use better engine oil as API SF, this classification is " outdated ". The oil change interval 5000 km or twelve months are given.


Version with spoked wheels:

Front rim with the inscription " TAKASAGO J 18x1.60 DOT 109 (JAPAN 489, date of manufacture) " with hose and a tire dimension 3.00-18

Rear rim with the inscription " TAKASAGO J 16x2.15 DOT 102 (JAPAN 489, date of manufacture) " with hose and a tire dimension 120/90-16

Version with Gußfelgen tires in the same dimensions, without hose


The contents of the fuel tank is 10.2 liters, including 2 -liter reserve. Until the reserve you drive so around 230 kilometers. In order to enlarge the range you try to install a larger tank ( another motorcycle ). The tank of the GN 125 fits on the GN 250, but it is not taller. The tank TU 250 X fits on the GN 250, the tachometer shaft pushes a little to the right lower part of the tank because it has a different shape than the original tank. With 12 liter capacity it holds 2 liters more. Tanks of the GZ GZ 125 and 250 fit, but the adaptation of the tank mounts is ( on the tank ) and required a reduction in the seat.

On the tank of the GN 250 fit the filler cap of the Suzuki GN 125 models, GZ 125, GZ 250, TU 125 and TU 250


Its successor was the Suzuki TU 250 X ( Volty ). The engine remained largely unchanged, there were modifications to other components. From the appearance and the impression can we correctly TU 250 call " retro motorcycle ." The TU 250 was not sold in German-speaking countries in large numbers. Since 2009, the TU 250, offered in a modified version in North America.