Suzuki VX 800

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The Suzuki VX 800 (type designation VS 51 B) is a so-called naked bike, so undisguised a motorcycle for use on roads. She was brought in 1990 by Suzuki Motor Corporation to market and built until 1996. She has a double cradle tubular steel frame with an oil- damped telescopic front forks ( 150mm travel ) and a rocker with spring struts at the rear (119 mm travel ). A characteristic feature of the VX 800 is the 800 cc V2 motor which gives the bike, with its tank shape and the plastic attachments, a distinctive line.

The VX 800 is often seen among the Suzuki riders as the little sister of Suzuki GSX1100G. This relationship occurs because, despite the completely different engine design of both models of similar road proven design, the shaft drive and not least the similar chassis dimensions forth.

Model history

With the VX 800 is a mid-range tourer should within a short development time, by simple means, are put to the wheels. The engine and chassis were taken from the 750 Intruder Chopper Suzuki VS, the frame got some modifications. Due to the long wheelbase, the VX 800 is not overly sporty handling, but it is economical, durable, easy to maintain and good touring capabilities.

Except for some minor modifications, only the fuel tap, front brake caliper and the exhaust has been changed over the storyline. The fuel cock got a vacuum controller with corresponding additional hoses and connection to the carburetor, the brake caliper require changes customized brake pads and exhaust system has been adapted more stringent noise regulations, which decreased the performance slightly.

Type designations of the German models

  • L / UL (E22 ) - 1990
  • M / UM ( E22 ) - 1991
  • N / UN (E22 ) - 1991-1993
  • P / UP (E22 ) - 1993
  • R / UR (E22 ) - 1994-1996
  • T / UT (E22 ) - 1996

Country Codes

  • E 01 Basic Model
  • E 02 UK
  • E 03 USA
  • E 04 France
  • E 15 Finland
  • E 16 Norway
  • E 17 Sweden
  • E 18 Switzerland
  • E 21 Belgium
  • E 22 Federal Republic of
  • E 24 Australia
  • E 25 The Netherlands
  • E 28 Canada
  • E 33 California (USA)
  • E 34 Italy
  • E 39 Austria
  • E 53 Spain

Color codes of the German models

  • Deep Purple Metallic - 1HU ( 1991-1993 )
  • Light Purple Metallic - 1TU (1994 )
  • Candy Antares Red - 19A (1991 )
  • Candy Academy Maroon - 22U (1993 )
  • Pearl Novelty Black - 33J ( All years except 1992)


For the VX 800, there is little model- specific accessories. Except for two half-shell panels available on the market even a full shell casing. Also there is a touring bike offers enough luggage and luggage carrier systems from the major manufacturers. In addition, there are various windscreens, fork springs, struts, etc. and various, not model- specific accessories. Due to its tubular steel frame and shaft drive, the VX 800 well suited as a basis for team rebuilding, mostly on the basis of corresponding EML accessories.