Diesel motorcycle

Diesel motorcycles are motorcycles with diesel engine. Compared to the gasoline engine has a diesel engine run a more turbulent and - at the same power - a higher weight. In particular, due to these two disadvantages of the diesel engine, he ekes out in the motorcycle industry has only been a niche. It is used in single pieces, individual conversions or small series.

Private conversions

Private enthusiasts have pursued the idea over the years and found some excellent solutions using industry and small car engines. From small single-cylinder diesel industry in vintage motorcycle frame to modern vehicle engines in modified production cars or even completely custom-made frame enthusiasts have found a variety of moving -grade motorcycles on the wheels. The performance here ranges from 4.5 to 82 kilowatts ( 6-112 horsepower ).

Research in Higher Education

In the years 2000 to 2005 developed students of the Hochschule Esslingen a motorcycle prototype with a Smart diesel engine. The EDIMO ( Esslinger diesel motorcycle) baptized project was presented to the public in 2004, has a street legal and it has worked exhaustively to a particle filter.

Military Application

In NATO Standardization Agreement - Parties in addition to many other areas, the fuels was regulated. The bike was the last vehicle in the military, which did not meet the "one -Fuel Only" directive of NATO and in most cases does not yet meet.


Summer motorcycle technology: Summer Diesel 462

The summer motorcycle manufactory in Eppstein offers a diesel motorcycle with EU-certification. The single-cylinder diesel engine manufacturer Hatz is installed in a Royal Enfield chassis. It delivers 8 kW ( 11 hp ) and reaches a top speed of 105 km / h with a consumption of 2.5 l/100 km.

The motorcycle dealer Beckedorf from Reichel home also offers a work based on Royal Enfield Diesel motorcycle that uses a single cylinder Lombardini. The latest version is equipped with a 15LD440 - engine developing 442 cc 8 kW and which also balance shaft and hydraulic lifters are now installed.

Another diesel motorcycle is produced in Germany by the company motorcycle Leitner Nittendorf under the name Diesel Wiesel and sold. The nominal capacity is 7 kW ( 10 hp ), the top speed of 110 km / hr. The consumption should be at 1.5 to 2 liters per 100 km.

In addition there are other providers that offer tags on the basis of already approved framework. The oldest manufactured in Europe prototype for a diesel motorcycle, which was then produced in small series, has been realized around 1980 by the Englishman Ernie Dorsett. Subsequently became the Enfield Robins that have been sold in Germany by Gerd Engmann From his Matchless robin. Gerd Engmann has since died. Whether the distribution is continued is not known.

E.V.A. Products: Track T-800 CDI

The Dutch manufacturer E.V.A. Products B.V. produced the Motorcycle Track T-800 CDI. The bike has a turbocharged 3- cylinder engine with 800 cc displacement, which is normally used in a Smart. In 2012, production was stopped. Dieselmotorfiets

Kawasaki: KLR 650

After several years of research, development and testing time, the first modern diesel motorcycle is as Enduro (which can alternatively be operated because of the military alignment with kerosene ) based on the Kawasaki KLR 650 with a 584 cc diesel engine, nearly 22 kW (30 hp) and a cruising speed of about 130 km / h on the market. The first shipment of 522 officially piece goes to the U.S. Marines. In addition, the M1030M1 at the British " National Rally" and at the " International Speed ​​Trials " was used in Bonneville. The manufacturer, the California-based Hayes Diversified Technologies ( HDT), announced for the year 2006, a "street legal" version of the machine, which should enrich the civilian market under the designation " D650A1 Bulldog". This has so far (2012 ) but not delivered. A consumption of less than 3 liters of diesel per 100 km would be considered long-distance enduro for long distance travel and other Globetrotter predestine the Bulldog outright. According to the manufacturer, the engine is much suitable material (diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene ).

Neander Motors AG: Neander 1400 Turbo Diesel

From the Manufacturer Neander Motors AG in Kiel is the Neander 1400 Turbo Diesel. The Neander uses a two-cylinder engine with two crankshafts. Data according to the manufacturer: Displacement: 1,340 cc Rated output: 82 kW (112 hp) at 4,200 / min Maximum torque: 214 Nm at 2.600 / min Acceleration: about 4.5 s ( 0-100 km / h)

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield was the only manufacturer that has offered over the years using the outdated concept of " Enfield Bullet" and with the aid of a single-cylinder stationary Motores for agriculture, a diesel two-wheeler called the "Enfield Taurus", which the for the modern road with only 5 kW ( 7 hp) unit, however, is only partly suitable. The Taurus was a stopgap and under Indian conditions. There are now no longer imported Taurus.

Shock Rochester Turbo Diesel

The Shock Rochester turbodiesel is the first and only one in Austria developed and approved turbo - diesel motorcycle that is perfect for everyday use. The vehicle has a displacement of 1500 cc, an output of about 59 kW and a torque of 150 Nm at 2500 rpm.

Star Twin Motors: Thunder Star 1200 TDI

It has long been dealt with in Dieselmotorradbau rather low performance gains. The Indian origin began at about 4.5 kW ( 6 hp ), the first European prototypes had about 6 kW (8 hp). Today, the single cylinder 8 kW (11 PS) and the two-cylinder have 15 kW (20 hp). Through the use of small car engines from the Vorkammergeneration the Daihatsu driver swing with the help of a turbocharger even to over 22 kW (30 hp). From the Dutch manufacturer Star Twin engine, the Thunder Star 1200 TDI comes. In the Thunderstar a motor, which is normally used in a VW Lupo 1.2l TDI works.