A screenwriter supplies as an author of a screenplay, the raw material or the design for a movie or a television series. The screenwriter writes either on behalf of a manufacturing company, a director or as a free- lance writer, who tried to sell his script through an agent. His work takes place usually in several stages (exposé, Treatment, Step -outline ) and may have borrowed from various literary forms. Special characteristics of the scriptwriter are the dialogue writer who Storyliner ( in series) or the Script Doctor. While the writer is usually subordinate to the director, he may in series and the rank of producers take over ( writer- producer).

American writers are to be members of the Writers Guild of America ( WGA) bound, which has demonstrated its power in the film and television industry, including several screenplay strikes (1988, 2007/ 08). For the interests of writers in Germany is since 1986 the Association of German Writers ( VDD) a.