Second Narrows Bridge

49.295833333333 - 123.02527777778Koordinaten: 49 ° 17 ' 45 "N, 123 ° 1' 31" W


Burrard Inlet

Vancouver, North Vancouver

The Second Narrows Bridge is a vertical lift bridge for rail traffic in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It connects Vancouver with North Vancouver, crossing the Burrard Inlet. As the name implies, the bridge is located at the second constriction ( engl. second narrows ) of this fjord. This is in order at this point the second bridge; The bridge opened in 1925 was in 1969 replaced by a new building. Parallel to it runs a second bridge called Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing, on a highway that leads.


As a result of the gold rush of the Klondike River, there were already in the 1890s plans to build a railway line between Vancouver and Dawson. The first stage had been there to bridge the Burrard Inlet. Later plans still saw the development of the emerging port facilities and shipyards on the north shore. Various financial and political problems prevented until the 1920s, the execution of the project. In 1925, the bridge could be built. First, she became only the road available, a year later reversed and trains.

Several times collided ships in the sequence with the bridge piers. On September 13, 1930, the cargo ship Pacific Gatherer tore down the whole middle part of the bridge. The bankruptcy of the bridge company and numerous court cases prevented the repair of the bridge. Only when the provincial government bought the bridge in 1933, she could be repaired. After the replacement of the action frame by lifting it could be released again in 1934 for road and rail transport.

After immediately west of a pure road bridge was formed, the Second Narrows Bridge was rebuilt for the pure railway and sold in 1963 for the symbolic sum of one dollar to the Canadian National Railway. In 1969, immediately east of it, a new building with a higher hinaufziehbaren middle part, the original bridge was canceled in 1970.

Collision of the vessel Pacific Gatherer in 1930