Senftenberger See

Artificial lake, very high water quality

Lake Senftenberg, formerly reservoirs Niemtsch, located in the Lusatian Lakeland, an artificially created lakes chain. The lake is located on the border of Lower and Upper Lusatia between the southern Brandenburg town of Senftenberg and their hamlets Niemtsch and Großkoschen in Oberspreewald -Lausitz. Lake Senftenberg is one with an area of 1300 hectares, the largest man-made lakes in Germany.


The convenient location ensures that the Senftenberg lake is very popular with guests from Saxony. The journey from Dresden to Lake Senftenberg on the federal highway 13 is less than an hour.


The lake was created by the flooding of the former brown coal mining Niemtsch from the Black Elster in the period from 15 November 1967 to November 1972.

The flooding rate was initially up to 60 cubic meters per minute. To shorten the discharge time, another culvert was 40 meters away from the first flooding point taken with open flume in May 1968 in operation. So could also melt and rain water was added and the flooding amount to up to 140 cubic meters of water per minute are increased.

Since the commissioning of the first part of the beach in 1973, the lake enjoys great popularity as a recreational area with holidaymakers, bathers, surfers and sailors. From a total of 18 kilometers of shoreline 7 km are shown as beach. After 1990, embankments were carried out in wide sections, as by the variable water level threatened to slide off large parts of the cliff. The depth of the lake was initially at 40 meters, more recent measurements found no deeper than 25 meters more points.

From December 2010 to April 2013 a city harbor was built in Senftenberg. On April 23, 2013, was opened. It created a marina with over 100 boat moorings, a 80-meter floating pier and a harbor building. The construction costs amounted to 13 million euros.

Water quality

The bathing water quality is regularly monitored by independent organizations. The water is so clear that you can see under favorable circumstances, to a depth of 5 m. The lake is due to its wealth of fish ( walleye, pike, perch, eel, carp, roach and catfish) also a popular fishing spot. The problem was the make, acidic pH of the lake water for a long time. This is caused by the gradual decomposition of sulfuric acid and sulphates to eisensulfidhaltigem overburden. Due to the continuous dilution with fresh water from the river Schwarze Elster only a few places in the natural reserve and the so-called South Seas of which are now affected. Lake Senftenberg is a navigable waters since November 2007 and must motorized ( max. 12 km / h) be traveled.

Recreational facilities ( selection)

  • Baden ( Textile and nudist beaches )
  • Diving ( diving center with diving school on the beach section Peickwitz )
  • Sailing, surfing, rowing, treading water
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Bicycle tours
  • Camping, Cottages
  • Trips on Lake Senftenberg with the MS Santa Barbara


The lake is a 250 acre, also artificial, wooded island, which in 1981 declared a nature reserve and not allowed to enter because of the high its slip. It consists of reclaimed tailings of the former opencast mine.

Beach sections

  • Senftenberg, mostly smaller sections of the beach, all textile
  • Niemtsch, beach ( mixed textile and FKK) at the so-called " South Pacific " at the site itself and about 2 kilometers to the south.
  • Großkoschen, sandy beach and meadow area at the family park mostly textile with small nude section
  • Buchwalde is a late 1990s as part of the assurance of the cliff newly designed beach section ( separate textile and nudist area ). There is a water slide and a beach volleyball court. Popular the sea beach is also with surfers.