711 inhabitants for each km ²

Setermoen is the administrative center of the municipality Bardu in Fylke Troms in Norway. The village lies on the River Barduelva, about 25kmdep1 east of Sjøvegan and about 25kmdep1 south of Bardufoss. The place is located 80 meters above the sea and had 2011 inhabitants in 2417. The mailing address is 9360 Bardu.

The council pointed Setermoen 1999, the city law to what was rejected and prevented by the Norwegian central government, because the town has less than 5,000 inhabitants.


Setermoen lies along the river and on the shore of the lake Barduelva Sætervatnet in the middle of the valley Bardudalen. The village is located approximately south of 23kmdep1 Andselv with the Bardufoss Airport lufthavn. and about 75kmdep1 east of the city of Harstad. The E6 runs through the center of Setermoen. Both the church Bardu kirke as well as the military camp Setermoen are in Setermoen.

Military camp Setermoen

The military training was introduced 1898 in Setermoen. They chose the location because of its strategic location in the middle of mountains and he is one of the oldest used Army locations in Norway. The Norwegian Army has shaped by their presence to the place in many ways.

Altogether there are 1,000 soldiers and 500 officers in Setermoen, which is the largest garrison in Norway. As part of the Brigade North there are the following items Setermoen:

  • Artilleribataljonen ( Artilleriebattalion )
  • Panserbataljonen ( Panzerbattalion )
  • Sanitetsbataljonen ( Sanitätsbattalion )
  • Etteretningsbataljonen ( Spionagebattalion )

Since July 2012, a major renovation program will take place. Most of the buildings and barracks of the military camp to be demolished and replaced by new ones. The project will cost over a billion NOK. The reason for the project, is that after the end of the Cold War has changed the role of the army and is something you strive more to recruit volunteers.