Seville Metro

The metro Sevilla is a planned four-line metro network, the first line was opened on April 2, 2009.


Already in the late 70s began with the construction of a metro network with 3 lines. 1983, the work was stopped because damages were feared to historic buildings. Economically, the project was criticized as Seville at that time had no great population growth. Inspired by the construction boom of underground railways in Spain from 1990 and the dynamic development after Expo 92, the construction of a metro with a modified plan was taken up again. An old tunnel section between Prado and M. Pelayo could be used in the future of the line 3.

Construction and planning

Line 1

  • Ciudad Expo - Olivar de Quinto ( South - South East )
  • Cost: € 428.5 million
  • Length: 18.9 km
  • Stations: 22
  • Passengers ( expected): 14 million per year

Line 1 runs from the southwest of the center located exhibition center (Ciudad Expo) on the opposite bank of the Guadalquivir be mostly above ground, then passes under the city center and then directed towards the southeast end point Olivar de Quinto. From Cocheras station it runs completely above ground. Are planned migration options to two future lines at stations Parque de los Príncipes (line 4), Prado (line 3), 1 º de Mayo (line 4). At the scheduled line 2 no link has been provided. The foreseen for 2006 opening was delayed until 2 April 2009. Among the 22 stations are now 21 in operation.

Line 2 ( in planning)

  • Torreblanca -Sevilla Este Puerto Triana (East - West)

The planned Line 2 is to pass under the city center in east-west direction. To the east, an additional Linienast ( line 2b) is planned to the airport. Transfer facilities are at the stations Torretriana (line 4), Amador de los Ríos (line 3) and Av. Andalucía (line 4 ) is planned.

Line 3 ( in planning)

  • Pino Montano Bermejales ( North - South )
  • Opening: 2017

Line 3 should cross under the future the city center from north to south. A change will be possible in Amador de los Ríos (line 2), Prado ( line 1) and Reina Mercedes (line 4).

Line 4 ( planned)

  • Cartuja Tamarguillo -Reina Mercedes ( ring line)

Line 4 is planned as a loop line around the historic center of the city. It is at the stations Torretriana (line 2), Parque de los Príncipes (line 1), Reina Mercedes (line 3) and Av. Andalucía (line 2) allow a direct transition. Metro Stations C. Hidalgo ( line 1) and Dr. Leal Castaño (line 3) are close to another station.