Sfaka (Greek Σφάκα ( f sg ) ) is a village in the municipality of Sitia Municipality of Sitia on the Greek Mediterranean island of Crete.


Sfaka is about half way between Agios Nikolaos (33 km) and Sitia ( 40 km) on the National Road 90 ( European Road 75). The neighboring villages are Lastros in the west and in the east Tourloti. To the north, a spur road leads to Mochlos the sea. The main road divides the site into a southern and a northern part.


Sfaka was first mentioned in the context of a Venetian census of 1583 with the name " Sfaca ". At that time we counted 244 inhabitants. The former name of the town is said to have Milia gelautet. The present name is derived from the frequently occurring in this area oleander.


  • A Minoan grave with at urn was found at Keratidi.
  • In the church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity Church ) there is an inscription dated 2 March 1643rd
  • A fountain Ottoman-period is to the west of the village.