SG Braunschweig

The SG is a Brunswick basketball game community with around 400 members. The first men's team currently plays in the 2nd Bundesliga ( ProB ). The SG Braunschweig is a partner of Erstligamannschaft New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig and shares most of its players double licenses with this club. For the season 2007/ 08, the first masters of the SG Braunschweig was renamed Spot Up Media Baskets Braunschweig


The SG Braunschweig was created in 1978 as a merger of the departments of the basketball clubs Free Turnerschaft Braunschweig Braunschweig and MTV. Until the 1999/2000 season, the SG was active even in the first division, but the license was then off to the Phantoms predecessor Met @ box Braunschweig. The gambling is now in the 2nd Bundesliga ProB SUM Baskets founded therefore from the 2nd team of the SG Braunschweig. Biggest success of the club's history was in the finals in the German Basketball Cup in 1991, where, although the German champion Bayer Leverkusen defeated, but still qualified for the European Cup.

Squad of the Season 2012/2013

Exchange 2013/2014

Arrivals: Robin Amaize, Martin Bogdanov, Adrian Didovic, Jonathan Ghebreiziabiher, Steffen Haufs, Kai Nagora and Maurice Pluskota.

Departures: Dennis Schroeder (Atlanta Hawks ), Steven Bennett ( LTi 46ers CASTING ), Felix Heise (BSW Sixers ), Alexander Koch, Nico Redlich, Howard Sant -Roos, Tobias Tessman ( Dukes Wolfenbüttel ).



The Hall of SG is the Tunicahalle since the 2012/2013 season. Before playing the first men in the Old scales in which have taken place earlier also to the construction of the VW hall, the top-flight. The New Yorker Phantoms also train in the Tunicahalle.

Known player

Among the best known former players of SG Braunschweig include Scooter Barry, Steven Key, Stephen " Hightower " Arigbabu, Štefan Svitek and Dennis Schroeder.