Shashi District

Shashi (Chinese沙市 区) is a district of the prefecture-level city of Jingzhou in Hubei Province. Shashi is the downtown district Jingzhous and seat of the city government. It has an area of 469 km ² and 540 633 inhabitants ( end of 2004).


Shashi was only founded in the late 18th century and almost completely destroyed during the second world war and the civil war in China. Therefore, the cityscape shape especially buildings of the 50s, 60s and 70s, but by the Chinese economic boom of recent years are also some new buildings to be found. Shashi applies not only to Wuhan as the unofficial "capital" of Hubei, since the Chinese Communist Party will meet here often. Discussed Stark is also the construction of two new six-star hotels in Shashi, the Shashi Palace, and Zhonghua Yangtze Grand Hotel, because the construction of the hotel has been funded with strong government and forced relocation were carried out in which the slums of Shashi, which by many migrant workers and low wages has large slums were cleared. The new hotels are probably mostly used by party cadres.


Is known of the municipality for its pollution, because of the Yangtze River is extremely dirty in the inner harbor of Shashi because the municipality has a large metal and chemical industries, so that hazardous chemicals and heavy metals are discharged into the water.

Twin Cities

  • Marshall Islands Majuro, Marshall Islands (1989 )
  • Japan Fukuoka, Japan ( 1998)
  • France Nantes, France ( 2003)
  • Flag of South Korea Busan, South Korea (2005)

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