Shauna Rohbock

Shauna Rohbock ( born April 4, 1977 in Orem ) is an American Bobfahrerin and former footballer.

Shauna Rohbock began her athletic career as a striker in football. She played for the U.S. in the U-19 selection in the college league, where she now ranks sixth in the scoring list ( 95 goals in 90 games ) and 2002 /03 in the WUSA San Diego Spirit ( space 3). They also competed at international competitions in athletics, while she studied at Brigham Young University. Their goal, to participate in one of the two sports at the Olympics, she could not realize. That's why she joined in 1999 as a brakeman for Bobsleigh, where she participated since 2000 on the side of Jill Bakken in international competitions. At the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, however Bakken second brakeman Vonetta Flowers was nominated. Rohbock drove as a substitute and supporter to the Games and had thus indirectly a share in the profits of the gold medal by Bakken / Flowers.

In 2002 she moved to the pilot's seat in Bob and was already in her first international season in 2003/ 04 reached ninth place in the overall World Cup. The following season, they finished second in Igls and Altenberg than third place podium for the first time, was in Cesana Pariol even second and won with her brakeman Valerie Fleming bronze at the Bob World Cup in 2005 in Calgary. In the season 2005/ 06 they again reached five finishes among the top three and finished third in the World Cup. At the season's peak, the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin, she won the silver medal with Fleming behind the Bob of Kiriasis. 2006/ 06 could Rohbock in Calgary for the season opener for the first time to win a World Cup race, and the next race in Park City, she won. A further five podiums and second place in the overall standings followed. When Bob World Cup 2007 in St. Moritz, they could also win the bronze medal. By 2006, the current pilot Erin Pac was one of Rohbocks Anschieberteam.

Rohbock belongs to the U.S. National Guard. In 2003, she should be sent for use in Iraq, but what a shoulder injury prevented.

By participating in the 2011 World Championships in Koenigssee, when they reached the second place, Shauna Rohbock ended her active career.