Sia stands for:

  • Avatime (language), a West African language
  • Sia ( Egyptian mythology), an ancient Egyptian deity, embodied in Egyptian mythology as " General of Lower Egypt " the essence ingredients intellect, insight and wisdom
  • Sia ( genus ), a genus of locusts
  • Sia Abrasives, a Swiss manufacturer of grinding systems

Sia is the first name of the following person:

  • Sia Furler ( born 1975 ), Australian singer
  • Sia Korthaus (* 1968), German cabaret artist, singer and actress

SIA is an abbreviation for:

  • Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību, a Latvian legal form
  • Salon International de l'Agriculture, an agricultural trade fair in Paris
  • Student Engineering Academy, a model of cooperation of schools, colleges and businesses to promote scientifically and technically interested students
  • Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, united as a leading professional association of Switzerland acknowledged qualified professionals from the fields of construction, industrial and environmental technology
  • Security Industry Association. united recognized as a leading professional association of Switzerland qualified professionals from the fields of construction, engineering, industrial and environmental
  • Semiconductor Industry Association
  • Service interval indicator, the indicator of maturity of the next vehicle inspection
  • Singapore Airlines, the largest airline in the city-state of Singapore to the ICAO code
  • SIA Group, a Swedish company that was named after the founder Sonja Inge Gerd Andersson
  • Società Italiana Aviazione, an Italian aircraft manufacturer, see Avio # History
  • Static integrated analysis

S.I.A. is an abbreviation for:

  • Society of Independent Artists Inc., Marcel Duchamp was one of the founders of the Society of Independent Artists in 1916 resulting Inc. ( SIA ), and the only European one of the directors and helped the to 1944 exhibiting artists' association annually by the scandal of his disapproved readymade Fountain from the start to great popularity
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