Simina Grigoriu

Simina Grigoriu Ana, married Kalkbrenner (born 8 May 1981 in Bucharest, Romania ) is a DJ and music producer from Toronto, who has lived in Berlin since 2008 and produces electronic techno music.


Grigoriu was born in Romania. Under the Ceauşescu regime, their parents fled to Toronto, Canada when she was three years old. After her parents' separation in 1989 the father went back to the home country, while her mother stayed with the children in Canada.

In Toronto she began during her time at the Earl Haig Secondary School, first rapping, then discovered but soon her love of electronic music. During her high school years to 2000, she also attended the private School of Liberal Arts ( SOLA ). Subsequently, she studied until 2004 printing technology and marketing as well as entrepreneurship and innovation at Ryerson University.

After they had met in Toronto musician Paul Kalkbrenner on his promotional tour for his film Berlin Calling, she moved in summer 2008 to him to Berlin, where she hung in numerous clubs and at several events. They also built here by his side from their production skills. In 2010 she appeared in the opening act of Kalkbrenner Berlin Calling Concert Tour. On August 24, 2012, she released her self-produced debut album Exit City. Since August 25, 2012 Grigoriu is married to Paul Kalkbrenner. They married in secret on lock heart field in the Uckermark.



  • 2012: Exit City ( Susumu Records)

Singles and EPs

  • 2010: Mukluks & Ponytails ( Sonat Records)
  • 2011: Nebuna Stricata (Phase Insane Records)
  • 2011: Project Boondocks Part 1-3 ( Frequenza Records)
  • 2011: La Palma ( Intellectro Vibe Records, along with Imerio Vitti and Luca Vera)
  • 2011: Writers ( Sonat Records, along with Ludovic Wendi )
  • 2012: Baby ( Susumu Records, along with Imerio Vitti )
  • 2012: Kokopelli ( Susumu Records)