SK stands for:

  • Subject catalog, and library catalog
  • Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), after the airline IATA code
  • Mucus - germ, GDR punk band
  • Cost (operating accounts )
  • Security code, mean the union wages / salaries; See collective bargaining agreement
  • Sinus node, the primary electric clock of the heart
  • SK Gaming, an e- sports communities
  • SK Group, a South Korean group of companies
  • SK Culture Foundation of Sparkasse Köln Bonn
  • Buy it, eg on eBay
  • Special Commission (also called " Soko " )
  • Special Correspondent
  • Savings bank
  • Sports club
  • Storekeeper (English for warehouse manager )
  • South German cartel
  • The post code area Stockport ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

In engineering and science SK stands for:

  • Switch; see cabinet
  • Disc capacitor, another name for the plate capacitor
  • Simple dress, the feathers of adult birds during the breeding
  • Bolt contact, official abbreviation in safety engineering
  • Cutting ceramics, a cutting material
  • Quick loading cannon
  • Protection class, classification of resources by use of protective measures against electric shock
  • " Heavy class ", in trucks of the type Mercedes -Benz SK
  • Lifeboat
  • Seger cones, a test specimen for fire resistance
  • Server Key, Key ( cryptography ) of a server for identification, registration or encryption
  • Taper, a conical tool
  • Synthetic rubber

In the Geography SK stands for:

  • Colombia to the ICAO code
  • Saskatchewan ( province in Canada )
  • Slovakia ( license plate number, country code according to ISO 3166 and Top Level Domain )
  • County, Baden-Württemberg's designation of a district-free city

SK as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Albania: Circle Skrapar ( discontinued)
  • Germany: Saalekreis
  • Great Britain: Edinburgh
  • India: Sikkim
  • Croatia: Sisak
  • Macedonia: Skopje
  • Norway: Haugesund in Rogaland county,
  • Austria: Consul in Salzburg
  • Poland: county-level city of Katowice
  • Slovakia: Okres Svidník

Sk stands for:

  • Slovak crown, the former currency of Slovakia
  • Signal combination, a light character signal system of the railway

Sk stands for:

  • Slovak language, according to ISO 639-1
  • Slovakia, according to ISO 3166 and the corresponding top-level domain, see. sk
  • The confirmation of the traffic end in Morse

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