The abbreviation stands for SLC

  • Salt Lake City, a city in Utah, USA Salt Lake City Airport, the IATA code
  • Scan Line Corrector, a device of remote sensing
  • Scientific Linux CERN, a variant of the Linux distribution Scientific Linux
  • Single Level Cell, an electronic memory cell, see SLC memory cell
  • Software LifeCycle, the processing path of a software before they appear on the market
  • Summer Reading Club, a reading promotion project of the Culture Secretariat NRW
  • Sport Light coupe, the coupe version of the automobiles of the Mercedes -Benz C107 series
  • Stanford Linear Collider, a former linear accelerator at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  • Suspended Looping Coaster, a roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma model
  • Solute Carrier, Transportation classification of human membrane proteins, see SLC transporters
  • Spring Loaded Contact or Spring Loaded Connector, Eng. for spring contact pins
  • A manned torpedo the Italian Navy in World War II, see SLC ( manned torpedo )
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