Suspended Looping Coaster

Suspended Looping Coaster, in short: SLC, ( German as: suspended looping roller coaster ) is a product name, used by the Dutch roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma for its inverted coaster.

Conceptual content

Translated into German the term as much as suspended looping roller coaster (ugs. suspended coaster ). An official German translation does not exist, however.

Looking at the label for the standard models more closely, falling on some inconsistencies: First tracks of the type SLC are not because they do not noticeably fade out suspended coaster in the true sense to the sides. Secondly, a standard SLC contains no looping, but a roll-over, a Sidewinder and two inline twists.

Since the standard model is so prevalent through the many deliveries, Standard Looping Coaster is sometimes derisively interpreted in the abbreviation SLC.


Most SLCs are supplied with standardized routing. Most commonly, the SLC ( 689 m standard). The route of the SLC ( 787 m Extended) is compared to a little longer. The SLC ( 765 m Extended with helix) has an additional helix before the final brakes. Light from the standard also deviates from the SLC (662 m Prototype ), among which the first delivery in El Condor Walibi World, Netherlands and T2 in the USA.

The route of the SLC ( Shenlin ) is also standardized, but differs completely from that of the SLC ( 689 m standard). SLC ( Shenlin with helix) is called the version with additional helix.

In addition to these variants "off the shelf " there is also the opportunity to have a SLC Custom manufacture individually. The only representative of this type are Fly - The Great Nor'Easter and Jubilee Odyssey.

Trains, drive and brake

Most plants have trains with ten cars each for two people. Only two prototypes have eight (El Condor ) or seven ( T2) car. Also have almost all the tracks, two trains, a few have three and only one track has only one train. Passengers are secured while driving with shoulder-straps. Vekoma has announced a new type of train, in which far less massive temples are used, and hence the ride comfort will be improved.

When driving a chain lift is used, which carries the trains on the lift hill.

When brakes classic pneumatically operated shoe brakes are used. Some newer systems, eg Kumali than circuit brake eddy current brakes.

Technical data of the standard versions

Suspended Family Coaster

The Suspended Family Coaster Vekoma also offers a family-friendly version of the Inverted Coasters. This version is for a much shorter and has on the other hand no inversions. The 342 m long version was delivered in seven parks since 2001. On 31 March 2007, the first 294 m version, Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer, was opened at Movie Park Germany. The shorter plant is also the first with modified trains, with seats without shoulder strap. In April 2007, the 400 m long railway Kvasten opened with "Custom" layout in Swedish Gröna Lund in Stockholm.

Unlike the SLC the SFC have a lift hill with friction drive. When brakes are used in the 294 m version of eddy current brakes for use. Since there is no block system, the railways have only one train for 16 (294 m ) or 20 people (342 m), respectively. According to the manufacturer are allowed to drive with the railways people from 110 cm height. The TÜV, the German system even released starting at 95 cm.


MP Express at Movie Park Germany

Blue Tornado Gardaland

Kumali at Flamingo Land

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