Kumali at Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo

The SLC ( Shenlin ) is a standardized version of the roller coaster model Suspended Looping Coaster ( SLC short ) from the Dutch manufacturer Vekoma. The counting of the Inverted Coastern roller coasters have with each other on the same route, but are differently painted and discussed. From a total of 39 SLCs only correspond Snow Mountain Flying Dragon in Happy Valley (Shenzhen, China) and Kumali at Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo this type. A modification of the SLC ( Shenlin ) is the SLC ( Shenlin with helix).


SLCs ( Shenlin ) are driven by a 35.9 m high chain lift hill. In a right turn at the foot of the 34.1 m high first exit, which is accompanied by a 270 -degree right turn, the trains reach their top speed of 88.3 km / h Now follow four inversions in the form of a 26.5 m high loops, a 22.9 m high Cobra Roll ( equivalent to two inversions ) and a 16.8 m high zero-g roll each other directly. After the Inclined Loop -like driving character, trains are slowed down again and returned to two 90 ° right-hand curves to the station.

The trains of the SLCs ( Shenlin ) consist of ten individual rows of seats with two seats. Both deliveries take two trains and have a capacity of 1125 people per hour.