Software in the Public Interest

Software in the Public Interest, Inc. ( SPI) is a nonprofit organization that was established to assist other organizations in the development and distribution of free and open source software.

The establishment of SPI as a charitable organization took place in the U.S. state of New York on June 16, 1997. Since then, there has been an umbrella organization for numerous community projects. In 1999, the profit was recognized.


The organization has itself prescribed the following objectives:

  • Organize the creation of free and for public use provided software systems
  • To teach individuals in dealing with these software systems
  • Offer seminars and workshops that teach the proper scope of computer systems
  • To assure the maintenance and improvement of the quality of existing freely available software
  • To support the creation and development of new free software, to encourage and publicize
  • Provide information and training for proper use of the Internet
  • Organize meetings, discussions and forums regarding contemporary issues related to computers and computer software
  • Support access to free software systems and enable a larger scale
  • Collect money and donations and contribute to maintain the objectives and activities of the organization
  • Private, educational and governmental institutions, organizations and associations with questions to help around computers and computer software, and to cooperate with them
  • Raise general interest in computers and computer software in all respects

Member projects

The present Member projects are:

  • Aptosid
  • Arch Linux
  • Debian
  • Drizzle
  • Drupal
  • FFmpeg
  • Fluxbox
  • FreedomBox
  • Fresco
  • Gallery
  • GNUstep
  • GNU TeXmacs
  • Jenkins
  • LibreOffice
  • Madwifi
  • Oftc
  • OpenVAS
  • Open Voting Foundation
  • Open64
  • OpenWrt
  • Path64
  • PostgreSQL
  • Privoxy
  • TideSDK
  • Tux4Kids
  • YafaRay

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors ( elected by the Schulze method, a Condorcet method ) shall be composed of:

  • President: Bdale Garbee
  • Vice President: Joerg Jaspert
  • Secretary: Jonathan McDowell
  • Extended Board: Clint Adams
  • Robert Brockway
  • Joshua D. Drake
  • Jimmy Kaplowitz
  • Martin Zobel - Helas
  • Counsel - Gregory Pomerantz
  • Debian project - currently Stefano Zacchiroli
  • Representatives of the Board of PostgreSQL - currently Robert Treat


  • Debian User's Guide on SPI
  • Debian as a member project on SPI