Solo Flight (video game)

Solo Flight is a civilian flight simulator, which was developed under the direction of Sid Meier and published by MicroProse in 1983 was for the Atari 8- bit home computer for the first time. The game was, with limitations, one of the first realistic flight simulators in the home computer area and was characterized primarily by the fact that, in addition to visual flight ( VFR) and the instrument flight rules (IFR ) was simulated. So, the game offered in addition to the VOR (VOR) navigation also the possibility of the country approaches with the support of the instrument landing system (ILS ) to perform. The game contained this reason appropriate air tickets, without that the game could not be put to good use.

In 1984 a version of the computer game for the C64 (porting by Grant Irani ) and 1985 versions for the IBM PC (porting by Randal Masteller ) and the Apple II (porting by Andy Hollis ). The PC version fell through their CGA strongly on the other versions.

1985 was also released a second edition of the computer game for the C64 (creation by John Kutcher ) and for the Atari 8- bit home computers (creation by Edward Hill ). In contrast to the first edition, these versions of the game possessed among other things a tutorial with an instructor (including speech output C64) and an improved graphical representation of the cockpit.


They played a mail pilot, who had in one of three scenarios to serve several airports and could determine before each new start, how much charge it take and how much he wants to refuel.


From the airports only the start and runways in the form of a Vector of the sky were each recognized, the floor was green, blue. Elevations were the only way to recognize that the shadow of the plane approached the aircraft accordingly or removed.


The control was relatively easy. Elevator and rudder were served with the Joystick. The engine power was controlled using the keys 1-9 and 0 ( on the QWERTY keyboard ), the brakes activated with the B button. In addition, the landing gear was in and out (use with the L button ), and the flaps in three positions ( with the F key ).

Interesting was the game for those who wanted to take off and land.

An identical control ( button 1-9 and 0) was then later the Space Shooting Simulation Darklight Conflict.