Somma volcano

A Somma volcano ( or a volcano from the Somma - type) consists of a caldera at the center of a volcanic cone has developed. It is named after the location in southern Italy Monte Somma stratovolcano in the summit caldera of the cone of Vesuvius was formed.

A large number of Somma - volcanoes can be found on the Kamchatka Peninsula and the neighboring Southern Kuriles.

Known Somma - volcanoes are:

  • Cosigüina (Nicaragua )
  • Aira caldera, Kyushu (Japan)
  • Ebeko, Paramushir ( Kuril Islands )
  • Kolokol Group: Kolokol, Mountain, Borzov, Trezubetz; on Urup, ( Kuril Islands )
  • Krenizyn, 1325 m high, in the caldera Tao Rusy, Onekotan, Kuril
  • Medvezhia, Iturup ( Kuril Islands )
  • Milna, Simuschir ( Kuril Islands )
  • Teide, Tenerife (Canary Islands)
  • Tyatya, Kunashir ( Kuriles )
  • Urataman, Simuschir ( Kuril Islands )
  • Monte Somma and Vesuvius (Italy )
  • Saretschny, Kamchatka Peninsula