Sorenson codec

Sorenson ( Sorenson Video, Sorenson Video Quantizer or SVQ ) is a video codec and video format at the same time the company Sorenson Media. The format used in older Apple QuickTime and Adobe Flash video files.

Sorenson was first published in 1998, together with QuickTime 3. With the release of the movie trailer of Star Wars - Episode I, the format 1999 4 software learned as part of QuickTime for the first time a wide use.

The second version of Sorenson was released in March 1999 and contained only small improvements, allowing thus created videos compatible with previous decoders remained. Sorenson Video 3 appeared along with QuickTime 5.0.2 in July 2001.

After Apple averted by the use of the MPEG -4 standard from Sorenson format, licensed Sorenson Media, the newest version of its codecs as Sorenson Spark ( Sorenson H.263 ) at Macromedia and was published together with Macromedia Flash 6/MX in March 2002.