Sovtek is a Russian manufacturer of electron tubes and tube amplifiers for electric musical instruments. Sovtek heard since the 1990s as a brand to the American company New Sensor Corporation. The manufacturing facilities of Sovtek in Saratov are also used by New Sensor to produce tubes of the brand Electro -Harmonix. The tubes produced the double triode ECC83 include ( 12AX7 ), the pentode EL84 and EL34, and the Strahlpentode or beam -power tetrode 6L6.

List of Sovtek amp models

  • Mig 30
  • Mig 50
  • Mig 50H tube midget
  • Mig 50B "Bass Blues Midget "
  • Mig 60 " Siberia "
  • Mig 100
  • Mig 100H
  • Mig 100B " Bassov Blues Boy "
  • Mig 100U

Amplifier branded Sovtek were no longer manufactured since the late 90's and therefore have now in music circles, the status of collectibles.

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